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Olympic Recognition

One of WAMMCO's main goals is to promote international recognition through acceptance of martial arts as an Olympic discipline.  Through Olympic recognition, martial sports can achieve greater legitimacy in the area of international sport.  WAMMCO feels that all types of martial arts and sports deserve a place in the Olympic arena.

Martial arts and sports has long been a deeply divided field, and a system of common rules and standards had never been developed before WAMMCO was founded. The different styles practiced by martial artists have always been based upon the same principles and techniques but the problem until now has been a lack of organisation, systemisation, and standardisation.  WAMMCO was founded to provide just such organisation, systemisation, and standardisation.

Many martial arts and martial sports groups have already become a part of WAMMCO and more are joining continuously. Our membership criteria are strict since we feel that only dedicated groups can hope to stand together as one for the sake of making martial arts an Olympic sport. Our confederation now stretches across every continent and in all these continents we are working to promote martial arts and to improve the standard of martial arts training. This is how WAMMCO provides the organisation that martial arts have so far lacked.

Since its foundation WAMMCO has worked to categorise the main styles of martial arts and to categorise the forms and techniques that these styles teach so that practitioners of all styles can reasonably compete. Our efforts have been immensely successful and only in WAMMCO competitions can you now see martial artists of all styles competing together at last. This is how WAMMCO is providing the systemisation that so many martial artists across the globe have been crying out for.

Finally, WAMMCO has brought together diverse martial arts and martial sports groups from all five continents so as to work on providing a standard set of rules that provides the strict rigidity that the International Olympic Committee requires while still including the diversity of forms that exist within martial arts. The establishment of these standard rules has proved hugely successful in repeated trials in WAMMCO competitions and championships and we now feel ready for our Olympic bid. This is how WAMMCO has provided the necessary standardisation for martial arts to be accepted as a legitimate sport.

WAMMCO has now moved beyond its preparatory stage of development. Having built a global all styles martial arts organisation and wholly standardised the sport we have now begun the first stages of our Olympic bid. The WAMMCO President is himself currently heading a team of dedicated WAMMCO personnel located in London who are already preparing WAMMCO's application to the International Olympic Committee for entry into the Olympics. Having compiled an expert team from across the globe and extensively researched other Olympic bids we are supremely confident that the WAMMCO application will succeed and that martial arts will finally be accorded the international recognition that it deserves.