Rules & Regulations for doping in Uk WAMMCO confederation

Wammco has set of rules and regulations for all martial arts and sport member clubs for doping for all members

The rules is for protect all members in each club member with there studends and it is obligation for each club and there teachers to fallow the rules and provide safe traning without doping in there club BUT also for any championship and events, It is forbiden to use doing in UK WAMMCO confederation, We will fallow NOC National Olympic committee and international olympic committee rules for doping in our national UK WAMMCO confederation for all our members must respect the rules specially for our aim to be recognise in Olympic games sport, We bliv no one need any form of doping in martial arts at all as the fallow the training system base on traditional martial arts

Uk Wammco Rules and Regulations for doping will be update in this page soon