The World wide All-styles Martial Arts & Martial Sports Confederation (WAMMCO®) is an organisation dedicated to the unification, promotion, and development of all systems and styles of martial arts and martial sports in the world.

The primary goal of the WAMMCO® world confederation is to unite and promote all styles and levels of martial arts and martial sports in every countries and continent.

It is the only existing organisation that recognises and works to develop the common philosophical and technical principles for all systems/styles of martial arts and martial sports in the world. WAMMCO® recognises that all styles practised today are anchored in a common tradition, and seeks to create awareness of the traditional origins and their legacy in modern martial arts forms.

WAMMCO® seeks to be an organisation that promotes all levels of martial arts, from the beginner to the professional competitor. The belief of the organisation is that martial arts are an activity in which all people can participate. We also believe that martial arts provide an important opportunity for personal and cultural communication and exchange between all sountries.

The hope of WAMMCO® is to promote cultural understanding, peace, and environmental responsibility through martial arts.

In WAMMCO® we have many activities programs for our members (Seminars and examination for referee's, technical seminar for all levels, Seminars and examination for all teachers, World Black belts examination and recognation, national and international championship.